Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky

Written by Faith Ringgold

Cassie Louise has lost her little brother, Be Be. He has gone back to the time when there were slaves. Now it's up to Cassie Louise to find Be Be before the bounty hunters find her. Will Cassie Louise encounter anyone who can help her?


Bonjour, Lonnie

Written by Faith Ringgold

Caldecott-winner Faith Ringgold uses a time-travel story to trace an aspect of African American history in the early 1900s. Lonnie, an orphaned African American boy with red hair and green eyes, follows a magical bird named Love Bird back in time to Paris during World War I, where he meets his own grandparents.


Cassie's Colorful Day

Written by Faith Ringgold

It's a special day for Cassie. Her daddy's taking her out for a surprise treat. As she gets dressed, she chooses many colorful items: her yellow-and-red polka-dot dress, purple shoes, a green pocketbook. What's the surprise? He's taking her to the ice cream parlor, with its blueand-orange sign. Cassie orders her favorite-a pink strawberry sundae!


Cassie's Word Quilt

Written by Faith Ringgold

A lap book that invites the youngest readers to point-and-say all the people, places, and things in the urban landscape of the award-winning Tar Beach.


Counting to Tar Beach

Written by Faith Ringgold

Count all the good things from one to ten that Cassie and her family take to the rooftop for their scrumptious picnic on Tar Beach. Lemonade, chickens, watermelons, and chocolate chip cookies are just some of the things they're going to enjoy. Toddlers will love learning to count with this delicious introduction to numbers.


Dinner at Aunt Connie's House

Written by Faith Ringgold

A Caldecott award-winning author tells the story of two young girls who discover 12 portraits . . . that can talk! Through painted images of great African-American women, this work of historical fiction includes Harriet Tubman, Augusta Savage, and Zora Neale Hurston, who recount their inspiring life stories.


If a Bus Could Talk: The Story of Rosa Parks

Written by Faith Ringgold

A girl named Marcie learns about the life of Rosa Park and the impact she made toward the civil rights for African American people in America.


The Invisible Princess

Written by Faith Ringgold

In this African American fairy tale by Faith Ringgold set in the time of slavery, the Love family parent an invisible daughter who becomes a princess that brings freedom to the slaves of Captain Pepper's plantation.


My Dream of Martin Luther King

Written by Faith Ringgold

In this moving, celebratory account of a great man, the acclaimed author/illustrator of the Caldecott Honor Book Tar Beach describes a dream she had about the great civil rights leader which includes scenes of King's childhood and the major events of his life.


Talking to Faith Ringgold

Written by Faith Ringgold

In a uniquely interactive, conversational manner the award-winning author of Aunt Harriet's Underground Railroad in the Sky comments on her achievements, how she developed her style, and what some of her best-known works mean to her.


Tar Beach

Written by Faith Ringgold

A young girl flies above her apartment building rooftop, which is her "tar beach," and looks down on her neighborhood. "Children will recognize and delight in the universal dream of flying. Their curiosity will be aroused by the book's quaint and provocative images. A practical and stunningly beautiful book." Horn Book



Africa Dream

Written by Eloise Greenfield;Illustrated By Carole Byard

In words that sing and pictures that evoke the rich life and culture of the African continent, here is a book that makes real the deepest longings and imaginings of children for the faraway land of their ancestors.


Childtimes: A Three-Generation Memoir

Written by Eloise Greenfield

A grandmother living in a Southern mill town at the turn of the century; a mother winning the hard-fought right to vote; a daughter born the year of the Great Depression. Three generations of black women remember their "childtime" in this lyrical memoir spanning a century of American history.


For the Love of the Game

: Michael Jordan and Me

Written by Eloise Greenfield;Illustrated By Jan Gilchrist

An inspiring poem that encourages children to view life with the same determination and passion embodied by Michael Jordan. Among other topics the poem explores include the benefits of listening to your inner voice and looking to those who love and support you.


Grandmama's Joy

Written by Eloise Greenfield;Illustrated By Carole Byard

"The portrait of a relationship, revealed less as a story than as the unfolding of love." Booklist.


Grandpa's Face

Written by Eloise Greenfield;Illustrated By Floyd Cooper

Seeing her beloved grandfather making a mean face while he rehearses for one of his plays, Tamika becomes afraid that someday she will lose his love and he will make that mean face at her.


Honey, I Love and Other Love Poems

Written by Eloise Greenfield;Illustrated By Diane and Leo Dillon

"[Touches] the important aspects of a child's life, the people and things [a child] loves and laughs, cries or wonders about ... Fully imagined graphics (by the winners of the 1976 and 1977 Caldecott Medals)."Booklist.


Koya Delaney and the Good Girl Blues

Written by Eloise Greenfield

In this warm and humorous story by the award-winning poet and author, a young girl whose laughter often hides emotions she's afraid to reveal learns how to deal with her feelings, good and bad.


Me and Neesie

Written by Eloise Greenfield;Illustrated By Monetta Barnett

Janell tells what happens to her invisible friend, Neesie, when Aunt Bea comes to visit.


Night on Neighborhood Street

Written by Eloise Greenfield;Illustrated By Jan Gilchrist

A collection of poems exploring the sounds, sights, and emotions enlivening a black neighborhood during the course of one evening.


She Come Bringing Me That Little Baby Girl

Written by Eloise Greenfield;Illustrated By John Steptoe

A sister? Kevin asks Mama to bring him a little brother from the hospital, but she comes home bringing him 'that little baby girl.' An award-wining author and illustrator team up in this touching story about an older sibbling who realizes that a little sister may not be such a terrible thing after all.



Written by Eloise Greenfield

When Doretha was nine, her father gave her an old notebook with empty pages. On the first page, Doretha wrote in black: "Me, age 9. My Doretha Book Memories." Now Doretha is thirteen, and there are lots of pages filled up with words and colors, each page holding a special memory. Some are happy. And some are sad. As Doretha reads the book, she realizes that these events are what have given her the courage and insight she needs to be herself.


Under the Sunday Tree

Written by Eloise Greenfield;Illustrated By Amos Ferguson

"Too special for just once-a-week reading, Eloise Greenfield's 20 exuberant poems are matched by the bright colors of Mr. Amos Ferguson's life-filled paintings. His native Caribbean glows as vividly in the words as in the full-page primitive pictures. . . . A perfect collaboration between two master imagemakers." SLJ.


William and the Good Old Days

Written by Eloise Greenfield;Illustrated By Jan Gilchrist

"Once again Greenfield displays commendable sensitivity in this story about an African-American boy who must cope with a beloved grandmother's illness." Publishers Weekly.